Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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We’re at your service! Here’s a list of all of the services we offer you.

Case Evaluation/ Consulting and Investigations

Platt and Associates provide their clients with factual and reliable evaluation on human performance, impairment levels, and sobriety testing administration and scoring.

What our clients say:

"You're technical report read like a script for me to follow in court for my cross examination of the officer. I was able to get the HGN suppressed and was ready to attack the walk and turn and one leg stand by stressing the NHTSA standardization that the officer failed to follow. By holding the officer accountable for not following his training, I asked for a directed verdict from the judge and got it"!

"The work that you guys did on the technical report was phenomenal. I really appreciated the references to the NHTSA text and where it can be found in the manual. It cut my preparation time for court down by as much as 50%".

Expert Witness Services

Platt and Associates provide expert witness testimony on impaired driving cases. Rates for expert witness services are very reasonable. Contact us for a price quote.

What our clients say:

"You were awesome! Without the testimony you provided I do not believe we would have gotten a not guilty verdict".

Legal Professional Development Training

Platt and Associates provide legal professionals with a wide variety of professional development training including the NHTSA approved Standardized Field Sobriety Testing (SFST) training, NHTSA approved SFST Instructor certification, and an overview of the Drug Evaluation and Classification program. If you are seeking professional training please click on the training events for our upcoming courses.

What our clients say:

"Thank you again for sponsoring the SFST training course. It has changed the way I practice law. A week after the course, a client's DWI was dismissed because the arresting Officer asked the County Attorney to drop the case in light of my cross examination of his SFST skills in the ALR case. It would not have happened without you".

"Wonderful presentation of materials. These instructors known their stuff"!!!

"The course was in a perfect location, visuals and examples for the course were well structured and I would recommend to any defense attorney or judge".


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